This is our signature service! If you are new to waxing service, please be assured that all of our estheticians are licensed and fully trained in all aspects of this service. We do not use just one type of wax, see our list of waxes for each individual needs. Using the line of Cirepil waxes from France, we use the non-strip wax (hard wax) which is designed to remove hair without breakage, yet is gentle on your skin.

Women’s Brazilian

$65 – $85

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Women’s Bikini


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Men’s Brazilian

$85 – $110

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Brazilian Maintenance (within 4-6 weeks)


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Please be assured that all of our Brazilian waxing is performed using hard wax throughout the entire treatment.  Maintenance pricing is available and should be discussed with esthetician performing your waxing treatment upon arrival.

Why is there a price range?  Several factors affect treatment time and pricing.  Hair must be grown out at least 3-4 weeks for best results and if hair is too short to wax, our estheticians need more time to re-wax.  Also first-timers often require more time as hair is often coarse and stubborn, over time, hair becomes easier to wax.  In addition, pregnant women usually experience more hair growth due to hormones, improved diet and vitamin intake.